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​​Rx View, LLC  was established to provide Pharmacy Operations Consulting, Professional Training, and Healthcare Education for the rendering of Quality Care and Quality Services through performance. Care and Culture are pearls for measurable outcomes of success for providers and recipients of care.  

The Healthcare Industry initiatives of Transformation of Healthcare for Improvement and Disparities of Treatment are areas we aim to impact with our services and you. Operational Excellence, Compliance, Leadership-People Skills training, and Community Health Education are the pillars of Rx View performances to cultivate the landscape for better Healthcare.

Improving Healthcare and Outcomes through Training, Compliance, Leadership, Education, and YOU...

Healthcare Facts: 

Cost of Medication related injuries is $3.5 Billion per year

1 in 10 patients are harmed during hospitalization

Minority Health Disparity associated cost is $300 Million per year

Failures of care delivery associated cost $29 Billion to $45 Billion


Operations Consulting

Business-Health Programs/Tools

Audit-Inspection Readiness

Pharmacy Practices

Legal-Regulatory Compliance

Auditing and inspection review

USP 797-800 Training

Cleanroom Compliance

Preparedness/Training/Certification Review

Quality Assurance Program

Continuous quality plan-documentations

Leadership Development

Healthcare Presentations

Nutritional Product Lines


When Healthcare goes Bad- Bad things Happen: 


Stories to Share: 

"My brother died having his tonsils removed because someone didn't turn on the Oxygen during the procedure" -he was 9yrs old

"My Father died from Septic Shock because he was discharged without coordination of care"

"Medication error hospitalized my Handicapped relative and put her in Critical Care for a week"

" My Grandma won't go to the doctor's office because they are always Goofing Off and Playing around- she doesn't trust them" 

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