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 Healthcare Facts:

  • 1 out of 10 patients, are harmed during hospitalization

  • Injuries caused by clinical errors   cost an average of $3.5 Billion per   year 

  • Minority Health Disparity associated cost $300 Million per year

  • Failures of care delivery associated cost between $29 to $45 Billion per year

  Let RxView be a part of your success in     Health, Career and Training. 

We provide services in Operations Consulting, Compliance reviews,  Career Coaching, Specialty Training, 

and Leadership.  


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A Small Business with Big Impact and 
great caring service.

Enhancing Performances in Customer Care, Specialty Training, Operations  and Compliance with our trained Professional Consultants

Unlocking Success for New Professionals and those in Leadership positions through our engaged-effective Training & Development Courses.

Custom- Entry Level- Intermediate Level Training

We optimize your Leadership training and opportunities. 

On-line Academy by RxView,LLC -Coming Soon 01/01/2022!

Rx View -Health

Health, Wellness and Personal Health Training 

Providing Personal Health Consultations 

MTM- Medication Therapy Management 

Health  Awareness and Self-Management of Disease training


Pharmacy Operations


       Specialty Training

​       Regulatory Compliance

Professional Development

        Continuing Education

        Leadership Development

        Professional Coaching 

Professional Services: 

        Expert Witness

        Pharmacy Staffing

Health & Wellness

        Personal Health Coaching

        Support Care Resource 

Speaking Engagement: 

        Healthcare Topics

​        Pharmacy Practice



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 Our Credentials:  

Florida Pharmacy CE Provider

 Florida OSD WMBC  -  Certified

 Florida Consultant Pharmacist

 Florida Registered Pharmacist

 Florida Registered Vendor 

 Registered PECOS, CMS, NPI 

 Expert Witness-Case Reviews*

 Government Contractor 

​     (capability upon request)

 Industry Presentations 

Rx View Healthcare Professionals Training

Best Practice:

We will assess and implement Best Practice standards to enhance your operation and services


We are advocates of Quality Service and Quality Care.

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